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On boarding
Step 1 : The essentials for getting started with AZEOO
Step 1 : The essentials for getting started with AZEOO

On boarding

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The 3 essential steps to get started with AZEOO :

AZEOO is compatible with Resamania, Déciplus and Heitz. This connection allows you 2 major advantages :

  • Synchronization of your client base (no need to add your members one by one)

  • Synchronization of your class schedule directly on the mobile app, so your members can book easily

Contact your ERP support by email, asking them to send you the access key to your account so that AZEOO can connect to it (they are used to it, they will understand your request without any problem).

Insist on the urgent aspect, so that your request can be processed quickly on their side. Finally, in your email, add a copy of the address so that they can follow up with you on the processing of this request.

🤝 Group your customers

Anticipating a customer segmentation will allow you to optimize your time on content assignment (programs, workouts, video courses, etc.) :

Create groups of customers that you will then simply assign to your content (More info here)

Segmentation means less time allocated by your team on AZEOO, and more efficiency in organizing your offers.

Step 2 : integrate your coaches

From your CLUB+ account you can integrate your coaches. This way they have their own access to your account and can create all possible content (programs, workouts, challenges, etc.).

Just contact us, the support team will set up the addition of your coaches for you.

Step 3 : inform your customers

To fully benefit from the potential of your AZEOO digital solution, a massive distribution to all your members is necessary.

1️⃣ From your customer management tool, send an email to all your members, inviting them to download the App (example email here).

2️⃣ We provide you with ready-to-use materials that can be delivered directly to your club (posters, rollup and flyers).

For information, know that clubs that perform with AZEOO have +80% of their members using the App.

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