Bring a Premium service thanks to your customized contents

Thanks to your AZEOO account, you can easily and quickly create your own content, be it programs, challenges, or video courses, and then share them in one click with all your members, a group of members, or directly with a specific client. Put your expertise at the heart of your coaching. 💪

Customize your exercises

We provide you with over 500 exercises, complete with a demonstration video, that you can include in all your workouts.

📏 Need more specific exercises to take your clients even further? You can create your own exercises, specifying the type, muscles impacted, equipment needed, etc.

And finally know that all these exercises (AZEOO and yours), are customizable at will with your own universe (photos and videos) ! Manage my exercises

Create workouts for your assessments and follow-ups

💡 Use workouts to schedule a follow-up or assessment interview with your client, within a program.

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