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Step 3 : Challenges, video courses and lives
Step 3 : Challenges, video courses and lives

On boarding

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Go further by offering challenges, video and live classes

💥 Boost your members' motivation

A great way to motivate and retain your members is to regularly offer them new challenges. Gather your community around new challenges!

💡 Our successful customer clubs offer an average of 10 challenges per month, accessible to all their members.

📹 Bring content to your clients at any time.

On-demand video courses are THE value proposition to have for your club, as it allows you to have an ongoing service even if the club is closed.

Already have your own videos? Great, so now is the time to reference them on AZEOO and make them available to your customers.

If not, no problem, our dedicated partners* can offer you a library of +200 classes (biking, Pilates, strengthening, etc.).

📲 Accompany your clients to their homes

With your AZEOO account, bring your fitness classes to life by scheduling and broadcasting them on the App. In the current period, these Lives allow you to offer a continuous service even if the club is closed.

Keep your community of members loyal by giving them regular appointments around your fitness workouts in Live, with all the necessary information via AZEOO !

*AZEOO is partnered with Les Mills and Z'Fitness

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