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Step 5 : Manage my communication
Step 5 : Manage my communication

On boarding

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Optimize your communication and visibility

Keep a regular link with your community of members, thanks to the AZEOO social network 💬.

Develop a simple communication plan with themes around nutrition, sports, health, wellness, etc... and make sure that tomorrow your members are very keen on your advice.

Animate, boost, build loyalty among your customers. 🚀

Open 100% of your important messages

This marketing module integrated into your account allows you to better sell and retain your members. Push Notifications help the fitness club to inform about unexpected events, present news, sell services and keep an optimal link with members to increase the overall loyalty rate. 👍

Your members are your best ambassadors

Broadcast your sponsorship offers accessible to all your members, directly on the social network of your club's community. So encourage your customers to easily share your offers to their friends from the App.

Spread the word about your club with location-based advertising

To reach new prospects, running targeted advertising on the App is an effective method. It is indeed a great lever to optimize your customer acquisition without any additional costs and make yourself known to AZEOO users external to your club.

Give yourself visibility thanks to discovery workouts

Broadcast your geolocalized discovery workouts around your club, directly on the social network of the global AZEOO community. Receive then directly by email the requests for appointments of new prospects. Simple and efficient !

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