The whole team welcomes you to AZEOO 👋 ! You have in your hands an extremely powerful digital platform to monetize all your services related to sports and nutrition coaching.

We have designed this Helpdesk to answer the most common support requests. You will find both the best practices to make the most of AZEOO's services and concrete use cases to guide you step by step.

Here, you can get your hands on different categories in which you will find the answers to your questions:

  1. Summary

  2. Getting Started

  3. Account

  4. Client Management

  5. Coach Management

  6. Dashboard

  7. Customized actions

  8. Schedule and booking

  9. Trainings

  10. Videos

  11. Challenges

  12. Communication

  13. Gamification

  14. Monetization

  15. Online store

  16. Payments

  17. Connection to external software

  18. Services

  19. Partners

  20. Your white label app

  21. FAQ

  22. Help for athletes

  23. Contact us

User's guide

In addition, we also provide you with the Azeoo user guide (in French), this table gives you access to all the links and videos to help you in your Azeoo experience. 👇🏻

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