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Offer your clients video courses that they can consume either on VOD (Video on Demand) or as part of a training program.

Video distributors

AZEOO has video course distribution partners that will allow you to offer quality courses.

Your own video library

You can build your own list of videos, whether they are club-created or external videos.

External videos

You can add videos from the Youtube platform as well as from the Vimeo platform.

The club remains solely responsible for all videos, images and data published.

Your own videos

Very important elements to consider, depending on the visibility you want to give to your videos.

  • "I want to be able to restrict access to my videos, depending on my client's subscription": in this case, you need to open a professional account on Vimeo (the rates are extremely affordable), allowing you to make your content private.

  • "I want all my customers to be able to access all my videos, without configuring any access rights": in this case, you can open a standard account (free) on Youtube or Vimeo.

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