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Consult the ranking of a challenge
Consult the ranking of a challenge
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Consult the ranking of a challenge

From the back office, in the "Coaching" then "Workouts" tab, choose the workout you want to consult from the list.

Tips to find a workout more easily :

  • According to its name

  • According to the name of a client

  • And more generally according to filters (objective, type of sharing, etc.)

Once in the workout editor, one or more rankings (depending on the number of scored WODs you have configured) will appear. Then click on them to access the leaderboard for a specific WOD. Each ranking is :

  • Sorted by level (if multiple levels have been configured in your WOD)

  • Sorted by gender (Male / Female)

  • Sorted by best score

The club is then free to communicate on AZEOO to indicate the winners of this challenge.

🤝 Follow our tips to animate your community on your social network during your challenges.

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