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Monetization : Best practices
Monetization : Best practices


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With the "Products" feature, you can monetize anything you want in the mobile application. Here are a few ideas, in addition to the classic content such as programs, à la carte sessions and video courses :

The notion of Tags

You have, in the edition of a product, the possibility to add Tags. This is a simple tool that allows you to highlight keywords on the application. They appear under the program name in the app when you click on the product.

💡 Choose words that will catch the customer's eye to get them to click and buy your product.

Description and images

A good description and inspiring images will be a great way to motivate your customers.

Tips : use emojis to make your description visually pleasing

How much should I price my programs ?

To help you set a price, here are the average prices of programs in France :

  • Between 29€ and 39€ for a home program

  • Between 49€ and 69€ for a mixed program between gym and home

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