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❗️In order to have an optimal functioning between your ERP and Azeoo, please do not leave duplicate contact email addresses in the customer database.

If a customer is deleted on the ERP side (or put in a category of old customers), what happens on the customer base side of AZEOO ?

The customer remains attached to your account but is no longer in the Customers group. It is up to you to delete it manually if you want it to have no link with your account at all.

What is the difference between customer groups and teams ?

A team allows you to boost the motivation of your customers, they feel they belong to a community. The creator of the team can assign customers to this or that team, or you can decide to let the customer choose which team he wants to be attached to.

The notion of customer group is intended to target a set of customers to facilitate the sharing of content. This feature is not visible to the customer.

Why don't I see my customer on Azeoo ?

You have to check :

  • If your customer is active on your ERP database

  • If the group in which your customer is on the ERP is an active group or not

A new customer is in my ERP database, why don't I see it in AZEOO ?

Two possibilities here:

  • You have to wait a while because there is a delay of a few minutes for the synchronization

  • There is a problem with the membership group on your ERP. In this case, we invite you to contact their support.

My customer can't link to his coach / club, what should I do ?

You must check that the email the client used to register on the application is the same as the one referenced in your client database, without which the link cannot be made.

❗️If your customer has connected via a method other than directly by email (via Facebook Connect / Apple Connect) then he may not have an email referenced on our system. A confirmation is automatically sent to him in all cases, so that he can confirm his email and, if necessary, where he does not have one on our platform, enter one and confirm it.

Can I change my customer's email from my ERP?

Yes, but if your customer is already registered on the app, he must also change his email on the app. Otherwise, he will no longer be attached to your account.

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