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My client does not see the program on the application, how can I fix this ?

  • A sharing problem: you have not activated the sharing of the program / you have not assigned the program to the right person or the right group

  • A problem with the program's filters (the genre does not correspond to your client and so the content is hidden from him on the app)

  • On the application, check that the client has looked in the right place to see all the programs: Coach tab > Programs > See all

Find more information in the following article : Share a program

Why not receive email notifications for sharing your personal program ?

  • Ask your client to check his SPAMS

  • Check if the sharing was done correctly (see next article : Share a program)

Why can't I share personalized training content with a client?

  • 1st case: make sure in the edition of your content that the type is set to "Personalized".

  • 2nd case: is this content that you created before your account became a professional account? If so, you need to completely recreate your content, and set the type to "Custom".

Once this is verified/changed, you will have the ability to specify which customer(s) can access this content.

How are the consumed calories calculated?

Calories are calculated based on the time of the session and the user's metabolism. For more information on this subject, take a look at this article.

What is a personal program?

A personal program is a program that was created before you obtained your professional account. It is therefore not possible to share this content with your clients.

How to change the day of a session in a program?

In your program, from the calendar with all the workouts, you must click on the session whose day you want to change. Then, change the number on the left:

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