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Case study : Recurrence and duplication
Case study : Recurrence and duplication

In a program

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To understand how best to use the notion of recurrence and duplication in a program, we will create a set of them.

In the example here, we will set up a 4-week program.

We would like the first two weeks' sessions to be independent of the next two so that we can make some changes without redoing everything.

We will therefore use the phenomenon of recurrence and duplication.

1 - Recurrence

To put all this in place, we are going to create a program, in which we are going to start with a recurring session for the first two weeks on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Here is how we are going to proceed, when you create the session, click on the button below "Recurrence", then on "Customize". In this example, we want the first two weeks' session to be independent of the next two. So, if you want this recurrence to last two weeks, you must specify that it ends after "2" occurrences.

If we focus on this recurrence window, we can see that there are 3 main parameters :

  • Repeat every X weeks/days: the frequency of repetition of the session

  • Repeat on the "day of the week": which day(s) the session will be repeated

  • Never ends / after X occurrences : either the recurrence is done during the whole program, or it can stop after X number of times it has been repeated.

2 - Duplication

Once this is done, we will duplicate the workout at the beginning of week 3 (day 15) so that the recurrence acts on the last two weeks. This way, the two blocks will be independent and you will be able to modify the "Upper body" and "Upper body 2" session without the other being impacted.

This will allow you to make some modifications to the sessions without having to redo them.

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