Synchronize my physical contents

Physical products (accessories, nutrition, sportswear, etc.) to AZEOO

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You have the possibility to synchronize your Shopify content on your application.

  • Keep in mind that for the back office and the AZEOO application, we talk about categories.

  • While on Shopify, we talk about collections.

➡️ Concretely, we bring up collections (from Shopify) into categories (from the back office).

And in these categories, we'll find all the different products you've added in your Shopify collections.

⛔️ However, these products from Shopify will not be visible directly on the AZEOO back office.

They will only be visible on the app for your customers 📲.

Let's see it in picture, step by step:

In the first step, you have on your Shopify, a set of collections, as shown in the image below. These collections contain products.

The idea is to bring up these collections in the back office so that the products appear on the application.

To do this, click on the "Products" tab and then on "Manage Categories" at the top right.

Then, you will click on "Add a category" and you will name it as you wish, this name will be the one displayed on the app.

Next, you will affiliate this category with the Shopify collection of your choice. The products matching this Shopify collection will appear in the app under the category name.

⛔️ Be careful not to put too many products in the collections you want to pull up in the app so as not to ruin the user experience!

Too many products might take up a lot of space in the app, the ideal is to put only a small amount and redirect them to your store if they want to see more.

Edit or delete a category

You now have your categories on the back office with the associated Shopify collection name below.

  • If you want to edit the category name or the affiliated collection, click on the small button to the right of the category.

  • If you want to delete the category, click on the little red trash can on the right as well.

ℹ️ If you delete a category on the back office, the affiliate collection will not be deleted on Shopify.

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