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If you have a white label, you have the possibility to propose to monetize a Premium offer accessible directly in the App for your customers.

This Premium is in the form of an in-app subscription (i.e. payable directly in the App via Google Play / Apple Store). You choose the type of subscription (1 month, 3 months, 12 months, etc.) and the associated rates.

When the white label is created, the Premium subscription groups are automatically added to the list of groups in the back office in agreement with the support team. You will find them in the "Customers" tab, by clicking on the "Manage groups" button.

This Premium offer includes the following advanced features:

  • Creation of your own programs (can be removed for your customers)

  • Creation of your own drills (can be removed for your customers)

  • Access to alternative exercises

  • Favourite workouts from the community

  • Carry over modifications automatically to the following sessions of the same program

  • Unlimited morpho-perfo and nutritional follow-up

  • Access to recipe and meal plan generator module

  • Shopping list generator

Then, you have the possibility to enrich this Premium by proposing additional contents (e.g. programs, sessions, video lessons). These contents are your contents, so you can add them to this Premium on your own initiative.

For example, if you want to add a program to a Premium group, you can proceed as follows

  • On the back office, in the "Programs" tab, click on the program you want to share to the Premium group.

  • Make sure that the type of the program is: Generic for all my clients or groups.

  • Then click on the blue "+" button and check the Premium group of your choice.

  • Finally, click on "Enable sharing" so that users in that group can have access to that program.

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