The dashboard will allow you to analyze your AZEOO account on different criteria.

Here are the different elements of your dashboard :


Description / Objective

Total sales

Total sales generated on the app by your customers

Ad analyzer

Information for optimizing your ads set up on the social network

More services

Benefit from additional services (e.g.: communication kit, product demo, nutritional support, etc.)

Number of installations of the application

Percentage of installation of the app compared to the number of customers you have referenced

Program analyzer

Percentage of your clients who have used at least one program

List of programs being planned by your clients

Allows you to know at 15 days or 1 month, the programs that will be completed soon by your customers

The best programs

Lists of the most popular programs for your clients

The best workouts

Lists of the most popular sessions for your clients

The best VOD video courses

Lists of the most popular VOD courses for your customers

The best live courses

Lists of the most popular Lives courses for your clients

Requests for discovery sessions

Users external to your customer base who have requested a discovery session

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