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In the "Nutrition" part of the back office, you will be able to add your own foods in order to reuse them in your recipes and food plans.

To do this, you will click on "Add a food" in the top right corner.

You arrive on the page of edition of your food. You will fill in the different fields: Name of the food, brands and the bar code. Then, you can also add an image to make it more meaningful for your customer on the app.

Underneath, you have the "Portion" box in which you will indicate the type of food from the list. You can also create custom portions by checking the small box.

Then, enter the nutritional values of your food: calories, proteins, carbohydrates and lipids.

Further down, you can add additional information on your food to give a maximum of details.

Finally, click on "Save" and your food is saved in your database.

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