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Frequently Asked Questions: YourCoach
Frequently Asked Questions: YourCoach
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How to benefit from tailor-made training plan support, carried out by a personal trainer?

1st step: answer a questionnaire

  • Go to the "Coach" tab then click on the small bubble at the top corresponding to the avatar of your club/coach.

  • In the list that is then displayed, select the product "YourCoach - Your personalized training plan".

  • The product being paid, it must be paid directly on the application to unlock it.

  • Once the act of purchase has been made, you will have immediate access to a link to an external questionnaire (web page).

2nd step: receive your plan and plan it

Our personal trainers then process your questionnaire within 72 hours, and prepare a personalized training plan for you. Once this plan is ready, you will receive a notification in the App to notify you of the availability of the plan on the application.

How to get it:

  • Go to the "Coach" tab then click on the small bubble at the top entitled "Your Coach & Diet".

  • Your personalized training plan is then displayed. Now you have to plan it on the date of your choice and then follow it every day from your training diary.

  • Day after day, in the diary, then follow the sessions resulting from this training plan. The calories burned during the day will then be automatically calculated.

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