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Supported languages: The AZEOO back office is available in French, English, Spanish, Italian; in Portuguese, and in German.

To change the language of your back office, you must adjust from your internet browser (eg Chrome) or your computer settings (eg for Safari).

For Safari

Go to your browser then select the Apple logo as an apple. Following this, click on "System Preferences".

A new page opens, you must press "language and region".

Click the + button.

You can type in the search bar for a language and then select the one of your choice. Add it so that your manipulations are taken into account.

Your computer will ask you to validate your addition either by your password or by your fingerprint.

Once validated, you will need to click on (use chosen language) such as Spanish (US)" below.

The manipulations are now complete, your computer system will ask you to restart following these changes.

For Google Chrome

Start by opening your browser. Then select the 3 small dots at the top right of your browser. Click on the "settings" option.

The settings page will open and you will choose the "languages" part.

Click on "Add languages".

You can search for the language you want in the search bar, select it and add it.

Once added, click on the 3 small dots to the right of the language, then place it first.

Once you have done this, your back office will be in the selected language.

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