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In order to categorize your video catalog, you have the possibility to mention categories called "parents" and "girls" categories attached to the parents.

This principle applies to VOD video courses as well as to Live courses and video tutorials.

To do this, go to the editing of a video course, then to the Categories section :

Using an existing category

If you want to use an existing category, just click on the list or start typing the beginning of the category in question for a quick search.

In the case of a sub-category, it will appear with this formatting: "parent category name" > "child category name". In the example below, this video will be catalogued in the parent category "Mobility" and in the sub-category "Upper body".

Adding a new category

Click on "Manage categories", you just have to enter the name of this new category :

Adding a new "parent" category

Click on "Manage categories", then in the "Add a parent category" section, select "Create a parent category". Then enter the name of the parent and daughter category.

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