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Manage your training content categories
Manage your training content categories

Category and subcategory for programs and sessions

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In order to segment your programs and workouts for your clients in the app, you can create categories and subcategories.

Add a category

To do this, go to the "Programs" or "Workouts" tab, under "Coaching", then click on the program of your choice to enter its edit. Inside, you will see the notion of "Categories".

In the example here, we will use the programs, but it is the same for all the contents: sessions, videos, food plans and recipes.

Next, you will be able to create different categories, and assign them to the program in question. Click on "Manage categories", then on "Add a category".

You enter the name of the category, an image if you wish and then save.

Finally, you will choose this category for your program and save the program.

Add a sub-category

Still in the edition of the program in question, you click again on "Manage categories" then on "Add a category".

Then click on "Add a parent category" and "Create a parent category". The name of the category will then be the new name of your large category, and the name of the category below will be that of the sub-category.

Finally, you just have to select the category and sub-category of your choice for this program.

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