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You have several payment methods to buy your AZEOO Premium subscription.

Once you have chosen your payment method, your bank details will be kept for the renewal of your subscription, unless you cancel it beforehand from your AZEOO account. Your subscription is valid from the moment you make the payment and is automatically renewed at the end of the chosen subscription period, unless you cancel it before. Even if you cancel it, you will still have access to Premium until the end of the subscription period you paid for. It is not possible to suspend your current subscription.

Payment method for the purchase of Premium

iTunes or Google Play: Premium is only accessible from the AZEOO app, the payment will be made through your application store (iTunes or Google Play) depending on your phone system. Please ask your application store for the different payment methods available and please note that prepaid cards cannot be used to purchase a subscription.

Check the status of your subscription

You can check the status of your Premium subscription by going to the app :

  • Click on the "More" tab, then "Settings."

  • In the new window, click on "My Premium subscription".

  • This will display all the information about your subscription (start date, renewal date, etc.). You can also cancel the renewal from this page

If you purchased your subscription through the Google Play Store or Itunes, you can also check your subscription status directly on your app store.

Change your payment information or subscription period

Purchase via the app

If you purchased your Premium on iTunes, to change your payment information or choose a new subscription period, please visit Apple's "View, Change or Cancel Your Subscriptions" page.

If you purchased your Premium from the Google Play Store, please visit the "Cancel, Suspend or Change a Subscription on Google Play" page.

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