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Get my personalized YourDiet meal plan
Get my personalized YourDiet meal plan

Course on the app for premium users

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With the arrival of YourDiet, you have the opportunity to get benefits with your premium membership. Indeed, you can benefit from personalized diet plans as well as consultations with registered dieticians.

We therefore propose two offers:

  • YourDiet - Your dietary consultation & follow-up: An offer including a dietary consultation with a member of our team, followed by a personalized diet plan for 1 month in accordance with your objectives.

  • YourDiet - Your personalized diet plan: An offer with a personalized diet plan for 1 month, also set up following your answers to a questionnaire.

For the first option, you will first benefit from a dietary consultation that will allow the dieticians to know your habits and your needs in order to best prepare the plan and guide you in your objectives. And if you wish, you can also take advantage of the follow-ups.

Procedure on the app to get your consultation and a food plan for 1 month:

  • On the app, go to the "Coach" tab and then click on the little bubble titled "AZEOO Prime"

  • In the list that appears, select the product "Votre consultation & suivi diététique".

  • Unlock this product by purchasing it

  • Once the purchase is done, we will give you the indications for the next step.

  • You will see in particular a button "Votre consultation diététique" which will appear at the bottom. Click on it, it will take you to an appointment page (you must make this appointment at least 7 days after the purchase of this product).

In the meantime, you will receive by email two documents to be filled in and returned to our YourDiet service ( as soon as possible. The aim is for our dieticians to be able to prepare the session with you as well as possible, and to offer you an ultra-personalized food plan according to your needs and objectives.

To optimize the session, please fill in the Nutrition tab with all the food you have eaten on the application the 3 days before the appointment. This information will allow us to establish areas for improvement.

Once the appointment is over, we will notify you by email when your diet plan is available on the app. To find it on the app:

  • Go to the "Coach" tab and then click on the little bubble at the top labeled "YourDiet". If it does not appear, go to the "Feeds" tab, click on the bell at the top right, then on the "YourDiet" bubble.

  • Your personalized diet plan will appear. Plan it on the date of your choice and follow your progress every day.

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