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You can connect your AZEOO account with your Shopify account, which will automatically synchronise the content of your back office with your online shop.

The concepts

First of all, you need to know that :

  • Products on AZEOO have a "Status" on Shopify. This status can be active (visible to Internet users) or draft (in draft mode, not accessible). So on AZEOO, when you share a piece of content, it will be considered as active on the Shopify side, otherwise as draft.

  • The categories found in the AZEOO back office are called "Collections" in Shopify.

Rules to remember

There are 3 important rules to remember :

  1. Programs, Sessions, Video courses, Live content: only from AZEOO to Shopify

  2. Product content created from AZEOO: only from AZEOO to Shopify. This means that if the customer modifies these elements from their Shopify, the modifications will not be reintegrated into AZEOO.

  3. This content must be paid for on AZEOO.

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