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Connect to e-Biody
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Do you have e-Biody impedance scales to monitor your clients? Great news, AZEOO synchronizes with e-Biody accounts so that you can upload the measurements taken by your clients to AZEOO.

Synchronized data

This connection link between AZEOO and e-Biody allows 2 things today:

  • To allow your customers, from the App, to visualize their last measurements from e-Biody.

  • To allow your customers to have their weight, height and BMI, automatically updated on their AZEOO account, from their last e-Biody measurements.

Connect your account

From your account settings in the back office, go to the "Automatic tracking" section, then click on "Settings". In the "e-Biody" thumbnail, click on the "Connect" button.

An e-Biody web page then appears, asking you to enter your e-Biody login email and your e-Biody password. Once validated, a popup appears telling you that the link between your e-Biody account and your AZEOO account is operational. From now on, your customers will be able to consult their follow-up from the App

For your customers

To see how your customers can find their e-Biody tracker on the AZEOO App, see this article.


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