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Thanks to your AZEOO account, you can monetize all your contents in 1 click! This means that from the app, your customers can directly buy these contents, no more need to go to the club reception.

Which contents are concerned?

You can monetize everything, namely :

How does it work?

The prerequisite is that you have an operational Stripe account. For your information, Stripe is a platform used by millions of companies around the world to manage online e-commerce payments.

Once your Stripe account is connected to your AZEOO account, you will be able to monetize all your content.

When the purchase is made by your customer, the funds go directly to your Stripe account. AZEOO takes a commission on each sale made (for more details, contact our Customer Success team)

Want to open or connect a Shopify ?

Shopify allows you to create your own e-commerce website in a few clicks. The link with your AZEOO account allows you to go even further in the remote sale of your contents. Indeed, all the contents listed in the preamble that will be created on your AZEOO account, will be automatically synchronized with your Shopify account.

Thanks to Shopify and AZEOO, you can sell content accessible to people outside your club and therefore increase your turnover! Here is a very good article about fitness e-commerce websites made with Shopify :

Our Customer Success team will help you set up your Shopify and connect with your account (for more information: See article).

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