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Example of monetization of a training content

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To monetise your content, make sure you have linked your Azeoo account to your Stripe account. To find out more, read this article.

Monetising a session with Stripe

If you want to charge for your session, you need to go to the workout edition. To do this, in the "Coaching" menu in your back office, click on "Workouts", on the session of your choice, then on "Edit".

Then, at the bottom of the editing page, tick the "Paid workout" box, and the price entry fields will appear :

The price entry fields will then appear :

Once your session has been saved and shared, your customers will have direct access to it on the app. They will see the price and the promotion, if you have entered one, and will be able to buy the workout directly from the app, which will then be automatically unlocked and available for purchase.

Targeted pricing

AZEOO is introducing a new monetisation feature to apply targeted pricing. In other words, you'll be able to charge for content for your customers, but make it available free of charge to customers in the defined group(s) only.

The workout is visible to all customers, although customers in the defined group will have free access to it. Other customers outside this group will have to pay to access it.

To do this, choose the "Generic for all my customers and groups" sharing type and assign the plan to the group of your choice. For more information on this subject, see this article.

This principle applies to all types of content :

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