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How to launch a live from Vimeo?

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A Live course must be defined at a date and time to be specified. The Live course itself is managed by an external platform of your choice, such as Vimeo for example. From the back office, you can then define and schedule your different Live courses and offer your customers access to a list of your Live courses. They can then schedule it (at the date / time you defined) and will be notified of a reminder a few minutes before the Live starts.

⛔️ Vimeo requires you to purchase a paid subscription.

Live via Vimeo

1 - Go to your Vimeo account, then follow this tutorial :

2 - Once everything is set up on Vimeo, go back to AZEOO and from the back office, in the "Coaching" tab then "Videos", click on the "Add a video course" button and select "Live course (Live)".

A window for editing the general information of the video appears. Proceed to fill in the fields, and in particular specify the schedule for this Live.

In the "Live Course Link" field, paste the link you previously copied from Vimeo.

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