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How to launch a live from Zoom?

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A Live course must be defined at a specific date and time. The Live course itself is managed by an external platform of your choice, such as Zoom for example. From the back office, you can then define and schedule your different Live courses and offer your customers access to a list of your Live courses. They can then schedule it (at the date / time you have defined) and will be notified of a reminder a few minutes before the start of the Live.

Live via Zoom

1 - Go to the https://zoom.us/meeting page of your Zoom account, then click on "Meetings", then "Personal Room". To avoid having a different URL for each of your Lives, you can create a personal room allowing you to have only one URL to manage on AZEOO.

2 - From the "Next" tab, click on "Schedule a meeting" and follow the scheduling process.

3 - Now come back to AZEOO and from the back office, in the "Coaching" tab then "Videos", click on the "Add a video course" button and select "Live course".

A window for editing the general information of the video appears. Proceed to fill in the fields, and in particular specify the schedule of this Live (copied in point #1).

In the "Live course link" field, paste the link you copied earlier from your Zoom account.

From the back office, in the "Coaching" tab and then "Videos", choose the video you want to edit from the list.

Tips to find a video more easily :

  • According to its name

  • According to the name of a member

  • And more generally according to filters (objective, type of sharing, etc.)

Once in the session editor, you can modify everything (general information, structure, etc.).

If a class belongs to a training program, you can also edit it by going to that program. For more details, see how to edit a program.

➡️ Within a Live course, if that course has already started, you can no longer edit its schedule. You have to delete it completely and recreate a new Live schedule with the correct times.

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