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Generate a meal plan automatically
Generate a meal plan automatically
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Generate a plan automatically

In the "Nutrition" menu in your back office, click on "Plans", then click on "Add a plan" in the top right-hand corner.

Once you're on the meal plan, you'll be taken to the editing page, just as you would for a classic meal plan (see this article for more details).

Once the plan has been created, you can generate it automatically for the customer(s) of your choice. To do so, click on "Generate plan" below :

On this page, you'll be able to choose the types of meals you want to put in the plan, potentially choose a type of diet (vegetarian, detox, low-calorie, etc.) and you can limit the plan's generation to the recipes of your choice if you wish.

From then on, you'll have a food plan in line with your choices over the period you've determined.

Please note: The automatic generator does not take into account calorie targets or macronutrient distribution.

Modify an automatically generated plan

If a recipe doesn't suit you, you can exchange it with another or delete it completely.

To do so, click on the recipe in question, delete it and select another from the list.

You can also modify all the details of the plan, just as you would for a classic food plan: title, description, duration, etc.

Generate a new plan automatically

You can also delete the existing plan and generate a new one. To do so, click on "Generate plan". An alert message appears :

Clicking on "Delete" deletes the current plan. You can then create a new plan using the generator.

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