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Add partner offers
Add partner offers

Let your customers benefit from your partners' offers

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From the back office, you have the possibility to share offers from your partners to your customers. The idea is to be able to share advantages and promotions with your community.

The offers you share can be varied, such as:

  • Food supplements

  • Sports nutrition (cereal bars, dried fruits, etc.)

  • Fitness accessories

  • Discounts on external activities

  • Etc.

Add a partner offer

Go to the "Partners" tab in the back office. Then add a new offer by clicking on "Add a partner offer" :

Next, you will need to fill in the following fields (some are optional):

Once the offer is configured, activated and saved, it will appear in the "Home" tab of your customers 📲

By clicking on the offer, they will directly access the external link you inserted in your offer edition.

Delete a partner offer

In the "Partners" tab of the back office, click on the "Action" button in front of the offer you wish to delete and then click on "Delete".

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