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AZEOO offers you turnkey models

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When you want to create a new program, AZEOO offers you to save time by exploiting a large collection of program templates, that you can customize and share with your clients in 1 click.

Using a programme template

To do this, in the "Coaching" tab of your back office, click on "Programmes", then on "Add a programme". Then click on "Advanced templates".

Choose a template and click on it. The programme editor will appear, and you can change everything: image, text, name, etc.

Click on "Register" to add this programme to your personal catalogue.

This new programme will automatically appear in the "Programmes" menu in your back office, and can be shared, edited and deleted, just like all the programmes in your back office.

You can, of course, modify the existing sessions if you wish. In the same way, you can also add new sessions to the programme.

By using these templates, you can create your programmes efficiently because the structure is already in place.

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