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Case study : selling a specific coaching appointment
Case study : selling a specific coaching appointment
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Sell a specific coaching appointment

In this case, we want to sell a specific coaching appointment for our members on the app.

Step 1 : Add a product category

The idea is to be able to segment your different products.

In the "Products" tab, you first need to create a category. To do this, click on "Manage categories", then add a new category that will be used to segment your offers.

Step 2 : Create the product (Specific Coaching appointment)

Then you can add your product. Click on "Add a product".

You will then arrive on the product edition page. You have to fill in :

  • the name of the product

  • the description before and after the purchase

  • one or more images

  • the category to which the product belongs (the category name will appear above your product)

  • the price of the product

  • tags (optional)

By ticking the "Activate" status box, you activate sharing with your customers on the application.

Next, we move on to the Automatic action after purchase section, just below the price. You'll be able to add the link to your appointment booking. This way, users who buy this product will be able to click on the button and they'll be redirected to an appointment page.

To do this, we suggest you use Calendly, the initial version is free and very effective.

Once you have created the meeting on Calendly, simply copy the link from the booking page and paste it as an external link in the product.

Your fitness assessment is now available for purchase on the app ✅

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