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Example : Create an offer pack
Example : Create an offer pack

Case study to better understand

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Sell a special "Get fit" pack

When you create a pack offer in the "Products" menu, you are selling paid access to a group containing training content.

In this pack, you can choose to include whatever you want from programmes, sessions, VOD courses, etc., simply by assigning them to the defined group.

As soon as your customer buys a pack, they will automatically have access to all the content linked by the group or groups you have specified.

1️⃣ Add a new group

To begin, you need to add a new group. In the "Clients" menu in your back office, click on "Manage my groups", then on "Add a group".

We'll call it "Being fit" for this example.

You can also, of course, use a group already defined previously.

2️⃣ Add a product

In the "Products" tab, you first need to create a category. To do this, click on "Manage categories", then add a new category that will be used to segment your offers.

3️⃣ Assign your product

Then you can add your product. Click on "Add a product". You will then be taken to the product edition page, where you can fill in the information.

➡️ Assign your product to a category (here "Fitness pack")

➡️ Assign your product to the "Get fit" customer group.

At the bottom of the product editing page, click on "Assign buyer to customer groups" and select the group you have created.

Don't forget to register your product by clicking on the "Register" button in the bottom right-hand corner.

4️⃣ Add your content to the pack

You can add your programmes, sessions, videos, eating plan, etc. to the pack. To do this, you need to assign this content to the "Get fit" group.

First make sure that the content is "Generic for all my customers or groups", as shown in the photo below. To check this, go to your content edition and look at the "Type".

Then simply press the "+ add a group" button and select the "Get fit" group.

Don't forget to activate programme sharing

This is the same process for all the other content you want to add to your offer.

All the elements we assign to the "Fitness" group will be part of the Pack and will be accessible to customers on the app as soon as they purchase it.

If you add paid-for content to your pack (for example, a VOD course at €4.99), the customer who buys the pack will not pay any extra because it's included in the offer.

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