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Reporting on the application

On the app, you can report posts or comments that you feel are inappropriate. In the same way, users of the application can also do so.

When a person or a comment is reported on the application, we receive an internal alert, AZEOO automatically manages the reports received and then processes the publication or comment.

Offensive (pornography, etc.), inappropriate (abuse, threats, etc.), suspicious (scams, phishing, etc.), spam (advertising, commercial links, etc.), illegal (counterfeiting, image rights, etc.) comments are directly deleted.

As soon as a report is made you must count a maximum of 72 hours for the duration of the intervention.

If you want to delete a comment, you can send it back to us with precise indications (day, identifier, reason for deletion) and the comment will be deleted (action that will be done within 72 hours after receipt of the request).

In case you want to delete a comment that you wrote yourself, you can directly delete it, you will not need AZEOO.

Under no circumstances can items be deleted without prior notification.v

Actions taken in case of multiple reports

If a user is repeatedly incriminated in reports received, then his account will be permanently deleted.

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