Add a customer

Your ERP is connected to AZEOO

All your customers defined on your ERP will therefore be automatically synchronized to your AZEOO account, which means you won't have to manage the manual addition of each customer.

Your customers will have to download the app, then follow the classic registration process.

Then, 2 cases can occur :

  • Your customer has access to your content: perfect! The link is operational.

  • Your customer doesn't have access to your content: simply because the email he used to register on AZEOO is different from the one mentioned in your ERP. It is therefore necessary to modify it on one side or the other, it is up to the club to see this directly with its client

The synchronization of your customer base on AZEOO is not immediate. It can take a few minutes before it is updated ⏳.

Your ERP is not connected to AZEOO

First of all, you have to understand that to make the link between an AZEOO user and your account, your customer's email represents the unique key to validate this link.

Then, 2 possibilities (not exclusive) are available to you :

  • From the backoffice, in the "Customers" tab, manually add your customers with the basic elements that are the name, the first name and the email. Thus, your customer who will register with this same email on the AZEOO app will automatically be attached to your club.

  • Your customers can also request an attachment from the AZEOO app. Then, from the backoffice, in the "Customers" tab, you will have a manual action to do in order to accept (or not) this request. In case of acceptance, the customer is then attached to the club. Any request that has not been validated by the club does not allow this person to access your content.

Editing a client

From the back office, in the "Clients" tab, find the client you want to edit and click on the "Action" > "Edit" button.

Delete a customer

From the backoffice, in the "Clients" tab, search for the client to detach from your club then click the "Action" > "Delete" button.

➡️ If you delete a customer from your ERP, it will not be automatically deleted in your customer base on AZEOO.

This practice then allows you to potentially convert that customer back to your customer base later.

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