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To create a customer group, see this article.

In the back office, you have the possibility to share training content (programs, workouts, video courses, etc.) with a defined group of clients.

Assigner un client à un groupe

In the "Clients" tab, next to the clients' names, you click on the + button. Then you select the group to which you want to add the client.

Configuring the content to be shared

Next, you need to check that the training element you want to share with the client group is set up correctly.

This tip applies to any content you want to share.

If we take the example of a VOD video course: In the "Coaching" menu in your back office, click on "Videos", then on "Actions" opposite the video. Then click on "Edit".

On your video page, under "Enable sharing", select "Generic for all my customers or groups".

You can then assign your video course to your desired customer group. Click on "Add a group" and select your group.

Remember to save the video course after making any changes, and don't forget to activate sharing.

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