Monetize a program

Example of monetizing a training content

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Use Case

Paying for a program with Stripe

In the case of a "Program" content, you just have to check "Paying program" :

The fields for entering the rates then appear :

Once your program is registered and shared, your customers will have access to it directly on the app. They will see the price, the promotion if you have entered one, and will be able to buy this program directly from the app, which will then be automatically unlocked and consumable.


AZEOO implements a new feature on the monetization level to apply targeted pricing. That is, you will be able to make content paid for your customers, which will nevertheless be accessible for free for customers of the defined group(s) only.

The program is visible to all customers, however, the customers of the defined group will have free access to it. Other customers, outside of this group, will have to pay to access it.

💪🏻 This principle applies to all types of content :

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