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Updating your anthropometric data

With the AZEOO app, you can enter your measurements and weight on a regular basis to analyse your body evolution.

Go to the "More" tab on your app, then click on "Body data & stats".

Then click on "Body data".

A new window will then appear containing all the data available to you, which you can modify.

Update this information as regularly as possible, so that you can really analyse your progress, especially if you are following a training programme over several weeks.

Your coach can also programme updates of your body data when you follow a programme (more information in this article).

Setting the visibility of your data

Still in the "More" window, click on the "Settings" button (represented by a cogwheel).

Then click on "Confidentiality" to adjust the visibility of your information:

  • Public : everyone has access to your data

  • Private : only you

  • Coach : your data is shared with my coach / my club

For personalised support, whether with a coach or a fitness centre, we recommend that you set your visibility to "Coach".

Every month, the application will advise you to update your information with a "to be updated" insert.

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