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Customer reporting (anthropometric / body)
Customer reporting (anthropometric / body)

General monitoring of body data (weight, etc.)

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In the back office, go to the "Clients" tab and click on the name of the client whose data you want to analyze.

General monitoring of body data (weight, etc.)

In the "Statistics" section, you will have access to the data of his body measurements such as weight, height, percentage of fat mass, etc.

Thanks to the different curves, you will be able to analyze the body evolution of your clients. Thus, you will be able to readjust their training and their objectives according to the data displayed.

You can choose to filter this information according to a defined period : 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year or over all since the beginning.

Edit the profile of a client (weight, height)

Go to the customer profil, section Parameters to modify if necessary the information of the customer.

Warning: if your customer has not entered the information (weight, height) required for the nutritional reports, you do not have access to his nutritional diary from the backoffice.

The client's profil is adapted to the measurement units of the coach/club. To modify them, go to the account settings.

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