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Coach/Club account settings
Coach/Club account settings

Update the information: Photo, last name, first name, email, password...

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Personal settings

You can change your personal details from the back office. To do this, go to the settings by clicking on your name, then on "Settings", or by clicking directly on "Settings" at the bottom left of your screen.

Personal profile

Then, you have the possibility to update your information such as :

  • Photo

  • First and last name

  • E-mail

  • Gender

  • Date of birth

  • Location

  • Quote

  • About us

  • Goal

  • Sports level

Units of measurement (weight, height)

To adapt the units of measurement in your customer files, you can select the unit of measurement that suits you best

  • For weight : "Kilograms", "Pounds" or "Stones".

  • For height : "Centimetres" or "Feet and Inches".

  • For distance : "Kilometres" or "Miles".

  • For energy : "Calories" or "Kilojoules".

  • For volume : "Litres" or "Gallons, pints, ounces".


This section is very important to protect the content you create and the privacy (including personal data) of your customers.

You can choose to make your workouts public, or accessible only to your associated coach/club accounts. You can also make your customers' body information public, or accessible only to the associated coach/club accounts.

Club settings

Still in the same section of the back office, set the parameters for your club information :

  • Information

  • Opening times

  • Websites

  • Call to action buttons

  • Reservations

  • Automatic tracking

Call To Action buttons

In this section, you can create CTA (Call To Action) buttons. These are buttons that appear on your app, and which can link to a website, an online shop, an appointment link, etc.

For more information on this subject, click here to read the article.

Automatic tracking

Link your Ebiody or Accuniq impedance meter to your account for real-time tracking of all your customers. Each measurement with your impedance meter automatically updates the height, weight and body fat percentage on your customers' profiles.

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