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Tracking on the application 📲

On the application, in the "More" tab, then in "Statistics", the client can access a statistical follow-up of his last trainings. This will allow him to follow the evolution of his data to see if they are in adequacy with the fixed objectives.

You will find here the client's data on 3 themes: Body, Exercise & Nutrition.

Within these categories, you will find :




Evolution of body data :

  • Weight

  • Waist circumference

  • Percentage of fat mass

  • BMI

  • ...

Return on the exercises performed :

  • Number of repetitions

  • Weights lifted

  • Records

In the form of a curve over a chosen period:

  • Calories consumed

  • Carbohydrates consumed

  • Fats consumed

  • Proteins consumed

  • Macronutrients consumed

📈 As a curve to see the evolution of values over a chosen period.

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