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Add, edit or delete a recipe
Add, edit or delete a recipe
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Add a recipe

In the "Nutrition" tab of your back office, you have two parts: Recipes and Plans. Click on "Recipes" and then on "Add a recipe" at the top right.

You arrive on the page of edition of your new recipe. At first, you have the first fields to fill in:

  • On the left side: Recipe name, recipe type and cooking, diet type as well as description and categories to segment on the app (some of these fields are optional). You also have the checkbox at the top to activate the recipe ✅.

  • On the right side, you will be able to indicate the number of servings this recipe contains as well as the preparation information: cooking, preparation and resting times. Finally, you need to note the difficulty of preparing this recipe by clicking on the corresponding toque (easy, medium or difficult) 🧑‍🍳.

  • Completely on the right, you have a general live calculation of calories and macronutrients: carbs, proteins and fats. This is going to help you balance your recipe based on the foods you are going to add.

Below, you can add up to 10 images. This can be useful for your customers to have a preview of the dish.

➡️ Next, we move on to the ingredients and preparation of your recipe.

The "Sub preparation group" insert, if enabled, will allow you to manage sub preparations in your recipe.

For example, if you are building a pizza recipe. You can create two subgroups, one for the creation of the pizza dough, and another for the tomato sauce in order to differentiate and not to mix in the preparation.

If you do not activate this option, you will have only one preparation group.

Underneath, you will be able to add your ingredients. These foods come from a food database (CIQUAL / USDA). You can choose the quantity, the unit of measure and add a comment if needed. These units may vary depending on the food selected.

After that, you will indicate the steps to follow for the preparation of the recipe to your customers.

You can change the order of the steps by dragging the step with the small button on the left. You can also delete a step by clicking on the red trash can on the right.

Finally, at the bottom, you can write a little tip in the form of a note to help your customers in the preparation.

Editing a recipe

In the "Nutrition" tab of your back office, click on "Recipes" then on "Actions" in front of the recipe. Then click on "Edit".

Delete a recipe

In the "Nutrition" tab of your back office, click on "Recipes" then on "Actions" in front of the recipe. Then click on "Delete".

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