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For this feature to be active, your AZEOO account must be connected to your ERP.

The connection with your ERP allows you to upload the class schedule directly to your customers' App. These classes have default images, images corresponding to the sports activities linked to them.

Link your classes to activities

Go to the general "Reservation" menu, then "Activities". The list contains all the classes that you have created from your ERP. The objective is therefore to link, if necessary, these activities to types of activities.

Thus at the App level, your customers, for each of these activities (or courses), will see the photo associated with the type of related activity.

Edit your course photos

Go to the general menu "Reservation", then "Types of activities". The list contains all of AZEOO's internal activities (activities created by default by AZEOO and your own activities).

For each of these types of activities, you can change the image.

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