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Recurrence of workouts
Recurrence of workouts

Add and remove a recurrence link

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Add a recurrence link

In the back office, when you create a program, you have the possibility to set up a recurring workout. For example, you can choose that every Monday morning at 10am, your client will have to do an upper body session. This feature will allow you to save a lot of time when creating your programs.

To do this, when you are on your program, click on the session you want to schedule on a recurring basis.

Then, once you are on the workout, simply click on the button under "Recurrence" and then "Customize". You then have the possibility to personalize this recurrence and thus, to plan your sessions every week, this or that day, every day etc. You can also end the recurrence process after X number of repetitions.

⛔️ Warning :

  • If you delete a session with a recurrence link, then all linked sessions will be deleted automatically.

  • If you edit a session that has a recurrence link with others, then the changes will take place for all linked sessions.

This means that it is impossible to modify a workout that has a recurrence link without modifying the other linked sessions.

However, there is an alternative solution that allows you to avoid wasting too much time. Instead of redoing a session with a complete session, you can play with the duplication of these workouts. Let's see how to proceed :

To start, you need to delete the recurrence for the workout you want to modify.

Then you have to duplicate the session : duplicate a workout in a program.

Remove a recurrence link

If you want to remove the recurrence link on a session in one of your programs, you have to go back to the edition of the session by clicking on it.

Then, under "Recurrence", you click on the button that refers to a recurrence link, here we have "Every week on Monday". You can then click on it and select "Once".

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