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With AZEOO, in the "Exercises" functionality, you have at your disposal a well-stocked library of exercises that allows you to expand your programs and workouts. There are currently 551 exercises in our database that you can use so that your clients can work all the muscles they want.

Search for an exercise

To facilitate your search in the library, you have 3 filter possibilities:

  • You can search for an exercise by typing in the search bar for keywords. For example, if you type in Dips, you will get all the Dips exercises. You can also type in a muscle that you want to work.

  • You can also select the type of exercise you want. Exercises of the type: Strength Training, CrossFit, Bodyweight, Cardio or Stretch.

  • You can select the muscle or muscles you want to work. The search will then refine to the exercises that work the corresponding muscles. You can also, underneath, choose whether or not the exercise should include equipment to perform it (dumbbells, pull-up bar, etc).

Favorite exercises

When you find an exercise interesting and want to put it aside to use again later, you can click on the little star ✩ to add it to favorites. You can then find it more easily in the "FAVORITES" tab 👇🏻

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