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In the "Coach" tab of the app

List of exercises

AZEOO provides you with several hundred standard exercises. Most of the AZEOO exercises have a Youtube video showing the movements to be performed to help you get the most out of your workout.

Types of training


A program extends over x weeks or days and contains several sessions. What types of sessions can make up a program :

  • Strength training : oriented classic fitness / strength training session.

  • Cross-training : WOD oriented with the possibility of using Tabata timers, EMOM, etc.

  • Activity : multi-sport oriented (badminton, soccer, swimming, yoga, walking, etc.)

  • Video course : video support to follow a complete course in video format.

Focus session of the bodybuilding type

A session of this type consists of the following :

  • Notion of "Warmup" : this is the warm-up part to be done at the beginning of the session (optional)

  • Notion of "Cooldown" : this is the recovery / stretching part to be done at the end of the session (optional)

  • Notion of "Part" : contains a set of series; a training session generally contains several parts. These parts are normally done in the order suggested by your coach, but you can change the order at any time.

  • Notion of "Series" : contains one or more exercises; there are different types of series :

    • Superset : the series contains 2 exercises to be linked without pause

    • Triset : the series contains 3 exercises to be linked without pause

    • Circuit Training : the series contains at least 4 exercises to be linked together without pause time

Then for some exercises you have the notion of advanced parameters, in which you find :

  • Type of repetitions : allows you to define whether your exercise (in a specific series) is standard or degressive (Drop Set "DS"). Other types exist but are less common than the previous two. By default the type is standard

  • Tempo : allows you to define duration elements (in seconds) during the eccentric or concentric phase, etc. By default there is no tempo defined

Focus Cross-Training session

A session of this type is constituted in the following way :

  • Notion of "Warmup" : this is the warm-up part to be performed at the beginning of the session (optional)

  • Notion of "Cooldown" : this is the recovery / stretching part to be done at the end of the session (optional)

  • Notion of "WOD" : contains a series of exercises to be performed in the form of a circuit. There can be the notion of Tabata timer, EMOM, etc. allowing a more specific work

  • Notion of "Technical work / strength" : has the objective of working movements on their technical aspect in order to verify that they are performed safely

Unit session

This is a session that does not belong to any program. It must be of the strength training or cross-training type (see above).


A challenge is simply a unitary session of the cross-training type, containing at least one WOD with a notion of score configured (which can be based on duration, weight, etc.). If you participate in a challenge then you will appear in the associated ranking.

Training journal

From the app in the "Journal" tab ("Training" view) you have access to all your workouts that have been scheduled. Navigate from day to day to view your workouts already done and those to be done.

Definition of training states


  • TO BE DONE : the program has not yet started (you have not started any sessions in this program)

  • IN PROGRESS : the program is in progress, i.e. you have started at least one session

  • COMPLETED : the program is completed, i.e. all sessions have been processed

  • WITHDRAWN : you have voluntarily left the program. Please note that all your sessions in this program remain in this state. Only the ones that remained to be done are automatically changed to abandoned status.


  • TO DO : the session is to be done

  • IN PROGRESS : the session is in progress

  • COMPLETED : the session is completed

  • ABANDONED : the session is abandoned

Your club/coach's training sessions

Still in the coach tab, click on the bubble of your club/coach to which you are attached to find all its training sessions freely available.

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