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Customize my exercises
Customize my exercises

Add, edit or delete an exercise

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Official AZEOO exercises

AZEOO provides you with several hundred of the most varied exercises. Most of the AZEOO exercises are accompanied by a Youtube video showing the movements you need to do to give your clients the best possible support.

To integrate your training universe into the exercises, you can personalise all the AZEOO exercises.

Customise an AZEOO exercise

In the "Coaching" menu in your back office, click on "Exercises", then on an exercise in the list in the "Explore" tab.

An editing window appears. You can now modify only the following visual elements :

  • Image (men's version / women's version)

  • Video (men's version / women's version)

Videos must come from the YouTube platform and be set to "Public".

My exercises

You can also add your own exercises. For this category of exercises, you can customise all its elements, even after creating it in the back office (except for the "Configuration" fields).

Only your clients can access the exercises you have created and the customisations of AZEOO exercises.

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