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Communication : Best practices
Communication : Best practices

Including your communication kit

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AZEOO email broadcast

Here is an example of an emailing you can use to announce AZEOO within your club to all your customers :

Hello to all our Athletes!

We are very excited to bring the brand new AZEOO app to your club 🤩!

Thanks to this new innovative digital platform we will be able to offer you new services; the goal: to accompany you in a more optimal, more fun way to reach your goals!

It is a mobile application to download for free, allowing you :

  • to follow specific training workouts that we will suggest to you according to your objectives

  • coach you more efficiently by analyzing your physical and technical performance

  • participate in fun and motivating challenges that we will organize within the club

  • interact with the whole club community to encourage you

  • to offer you regular publications on health sports, recipes, focus on exercises, etc.

  • and many other surprises will come, because AZEOO is constantly evolving!

    Android version | iPhone version

Community management

Being present on a social network implies an upstream management. We'll talk about community animation, or "community management".

It will be a question of interacting with your customers and creating exchange in order to make your community alive through your presence.

You have to be active (don't hesitate to like customer posts) and reactive (answer comments, react to your customers' news, etc.).

A regular presence and a lively community with which you share and discuss, contributes to the loyalty of your customers !

Communication plan

A communication plan allows you to plan your publications in advance (dates, themes, posts) so that you don't end up with a disjointed and irregular news feed. Here are some suggested themes you could post about.

➡️ Theme: health and safety

Plan a news item every day with information related to barrier gestures and new conditions being implemented within the club.

Publications around training:

  • Check the schedule of classes and club attendance.

  • Plan the length of your workout

  • Plan your workout with a 10 minute margin

  • Book your workout

  • Remember to bring your towel

  • Remember to wear your mask

  • Remember to come in clean and complete sportswear

  • Avoid groups at the entrance and exit of the club

  • Think about the training services we offer outside the club (home training, outdoor training, video classes, etc.)

Publications around barrier gestures:

  • Adhere to the mandatory barrier actions

  • Wash your hands thoroughly on a regular basis

  • Let's all keep our distance (1 meter minimum)

  • Remember to clean your machine after use

  • Your club does everything possible to ensure the best training conditions for you

➡️ Theme : technique

Posts related to the theme Technique gather advice type content, directly related to the practice of bodybuilding / fitness from a physical and physiological point of view.

Subtopic and indications

Details and examples


"For you gentlemen"; "For you ladies"; "From XX years old", etc.

Training frequency

According to the objectives, the profiles of the athletes


Advice and typical exercises


Tips and typical exercises

Sets and repetitions

According to your objectives


"Are you positioning your back properly?" "How to properly exercise your knees?"

Fitness Mistakes

"Top 5 mistakes ..." ; "Top 10 mistakes ..."

Targeted progress on an exercise

Pull-ups, push-ups, bench press ...

Muscle/muscle group focus

"Top 6 exercises to build up" your glutes / pecs / biceps ..."


"Morphology xxxxxx ? Which exercises to choose ?"

Focus on an equipment

"All about elastic bands" ; "Focus on belts" ; "Barre or dumbbells ?" ...

Targeted pains; pathologies

Back pain : advice, exercises etc.

➡️ Theme : motivation

The posts related to the Motivation theme are intended to boost your customers in their sports practice, both punctually for their daily training and in the longer term for their conduct of a healthy lifestyle.

Subtopic and indications

Details and examples

Club motivational phrase

"Motivate your mind, the body will follow !"

Motivational phrase from a great athlete

"Some want it to happen, some would like it to happen and some make it happen" Michael Jordan

➡️ Theme: nutrition

Posts related to the theme Nutrition gather useful content for your customers to learn more about sports nutrition.

Subtopic and indications

Details and examples

Food before training


Nutrition after training


Healthy snack ideas (snacks)

Variation: depending on the season

Focus on the benefits of a healthy food

"Avocado : 10 things to know"

Healthy recipes

Variation : depending on the season

Focus on food supplements

Variant : different types of supplements

Focus on micro-nutrients

Calculation of the daily calorie requirement; Focus on proteins; Focus on carbohydrates ; Focus on lipids

➡️ Theme : testimony

Posts related to the "Testimonial" theme are intended to motivate and unite your customers through stories of people they can relate to.

Subtopic and indications

Details and Examples

Client testimonial on a program created by the club

Example of a short video format, an interview

Testimonial of a physical transformation that motivates clients

Notion of perseverance, transition to a healthy lifestyle

Testimony of a coach

Example of a short video format, an interview

Testimony of a club ambassador

Example of a short video format, an interview

➡️ Theme: community

Posts related to the theme "Community" are intended to create exchange and interaction with your customers through different means.

Subtopic and indications

Details and examples

Simple, general posts to create interaction with customers

Posts about the weekend, the start of the week, the upcoming weekend, the workout of the day, a favorite music during the workout, etc.

National or international holidays and days

Special posts : Easter, Christmas, Mother's Day, Women's Day, etc.


Summer posts (heat, beach), or winter posts (cold, skiing, motivation), etc.

National/international sporting events

Special posts : soccer world cup, Olympic special, etc.

Sports events in the city

Marathon, etc.

Customer survey/feedback

Activity in place

Presentation of an activity available in the club

Presentation of Zumba, its benefits

➡️ Theme : club event

Posts related to the theme "Club event" allow you to inform your customers about news and updates related to your club.

Subtopic and indications

Details and examples

Arrival of a new coach

Example : A photo post and a welcome note

Arrival of a new course

Example : A video presentation

Evolution of the machines

Arrival of new machines

New installation / new space

New locker space, etc.

New product on sale

Nutrition, clothing, accessories

Promotion on offers and packages

Sponsorship ; discounts; special offers

Promotion on products on sale

Discounts ; special offers


Organization, results, etc.

Meetings and small events within the club

Brunch, lunch, healthy aperitif

In order to maximize the use of your AZEOO newsfeed, we share with you some tips and best practices to adopt and implement on your space in order to avoid drowning in a mass of content, and to keep your customers always loyal and hungry for your publications.

Frequency of publication

Recommendation : 1 post every day or even 1 post every 2 days ⏰.


Time slot


7pm - 10pm


6pm - 9pm


1pm - 4pm


1pm - 4pm


1pm - 4pm


12pm - 1pm


12pm - 1pm

Editorial line 📝

The editorial line allows you to give coherence to a set of content that you publish and share. The tone adopted and the key terms used must remain regular and homogeneous across your publications in order not to lose the reader.

In order to capture the attention of your customers, your posts must contain short, simple and explicit text messages. It is important to be clear and concise: a body text of about 3 to 4 sentences is sufficient.

Don't forget: a few emojis, used sparingly, make your posts even more lively. 🔥🏋🏼♂️🙌🏼🕑✍🏼


Hashtags are essential because they allow for accurate user search and will help give your content visibility ! Your text posts can end with the presence of hashtags. These must be consistent with the theme and preferably in lower case. A post containing between 3 to 5 hashtags will be relevant.

Don't hesitate to create your own hashtag, in the image of your club, and to use it in all your publications!

Visual content

A post should not simply contain a text message. It must be accompanied by visual content (photograph or image) to attract the eye and multiply its effects. Informational content coupled with photos are the most expected and most consumed in general on social networks, to which the AZEOO feed is no exception.

This includes the respect of a certain consistency: the "graphic charter". Whether it is imposed on you or not, it must remain identical throughout the posts: colors and tints of the visual, design, positioning and size of the logo, font, etc.

Examples of advertising

Discovery of the club via sponsorship

What could be more effective than a customer telling his friends about your club? That's why your sponsorship policy must be motivating and relevant to your customers, in order to convert them into "hunters of new prospects" for you.

The argument as well as the advantages proposed to your customers "sponsors" must touch a maximum of people and thus convert a maximum of new prospects.

Example :


Because sport with others is better, until XX/XX, sponsor a friend and take advantage of our exclusive offers:

- 1 referral = 1 gift certificate of 15€ for you

- 2 referrals = 1 month of free membership for you

- 3 referrals = 2 months of free membership for you

#nomdemonclub #partner #fitpartner #trainingpartner #fitness 💪🏼

➡️ Now it's up to you 💪!

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