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Video "other" (masterclass / teaser / tutorial) go beyond pure training, you can talk about anything and everything !

1️⃣ What can be interesting here is to make motivational videos for your customers. Indeed, through these videos, you can notably talk about the different paid packages you offer in your offerings. It is perhaps more meaningful than simply putting a private content with a small description and a price displayed to unlock it.

With these videos, you will motivate your customers more to continue training and encourage them to buy your paid packages for more personalized content.

2️⃣ You can also very well add videos on topics like nutrition, health and safety, etc. This can be your own videos or external videos.

Example on Health and Safety videos

Film yourself and try to create a video or a montage of videos of 2-3 min maximum explaining how :

  • For an activity on the weight platform: enter the club, change your clothes, wash your hands, prepare the machine, clean it, respect the distance, follow the direction of circulation, respect the duration, etc.

  • For a group class: enter the club, change, go to the room, go to a mat, clean it, respect your zone, clean it, respect the distance, etc.

  • For a cross-training class: enter the club, change, go to the cross-training platform, learn about the WOD, take the necessary equipment and clean it, respect your zone, clean it, respect the distance, etc.

Example on Nutrition videos

Create 2-3 min videos on nutrition-related themes :

  • Healthy recipes (ex: protein bars)

  • Focus on foods to be favored during a diet, weight loss, etc.

  • etc.

Promote a new offer

Tell your community about a new offer that will arrive in your club. In the form of a short video, present it in a few words and make your customers and potential future customers want to join.

Promotion of an upcoming challenge

Through this video, you can talk about a new challenge that will arrive for your customers. Present quickly what it consists of and what the rewards are. You can also talk about another challenge that worked well to motivate your athletes to do the next one.

Presentation of your food supplements

You can show the different supplements you use and give some advice. Also, if you sell them, you can use this video to promote them.

Video on the benefits of stretching

"The best time to stretch is after training, when the body is still warm. But stretching should be kept short, between 10 and 20 seconds per muscle."

However, some experts advise waiting a while before stretching. It's up to you to see what you want to impart to your athletes.

Video on the benefits of sleep

  • Benefits for the skin

  • Improves memory

  • Emotional balance

To sleep well :

  • Physical activity

  • Avoid screens before sleeping

Introducing a new group class

It's time to bring your community together by offering group classes. A great way to create links between your athletes and attract new clients.

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