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Add, edit or delete a video "other"
Add, edit or delete a video "other"
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This type of video allows you to meet another need among your customers. Indeed, if you want to talk about a topic through a video that is not necessarily related to a physical activity, you will be able to do it simply through this option.

Add a video "other"

In the "Coaching" tab of your back office, click on "Videos", then on the "Add a video" button. Then click on "Other".

General information

A window for editing the video's general information appears. Fill in the fields, specifying whether the type is custom or generic.

As a matter of best practice, we strongly advise you to enter a tagline and a description. The aim is for your content to have the greatest possible impact on your customers.

Editing a video "other"

In the back office, in the "Coaching" then "Videos" tab, you can choose the video you want to edit. To do so, click on "Action" on the right, then select "Edit".

Tips for finding a video more easily :

  • By name

  • By customer name

  • And, more generally, according to filters (objective, type of share, etc.)

Once you're in the video editor, you can modify everything (general information, structure, etc.).

Duplicate an "Other" video

In the "Coaching" menu in your back office, click on "Videos" and then on "Actions" opposite the video in question. Then click on "Duplicate".

This feature is extremely practical, as it will enable the coach to make new courses available very quickly, based on clones, saving the structure a considerable amount of time.

Deleting a video lesson

In the "Coaching" menu in your back office, click on "Videos" and then on "Actions" next to the video in question. Then click on "Delete".

If your video course was scheduled by customers before this deletion, they will no longer be able to access this content. The same applies to other customers: the course will no longer be visible.

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