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This type of advertising is not available to professionals who are self-employed coaches.

Discovery session

This type of advertisement will automatically appear in the newsfeed of any user of the AZEOO app who is not a member of your structure and who is within a 20 km radius of your structure.

Interested users who click on this ad will enter a date on which they wish to come and do this session. You will then receive an email indicating each of these requests. It is then up to you to converse directly with that user to confirm their request.

Warning : you can only create one discovery session at a time. So in your "Ads" tab, there can’t be two discovery sessions.

For optimal consistency and relevance, it is strongly advised to follow the best practices we have concocted for you.

Add a discovery session

In the "Marketing" menu of your back office, click "Ads", then "+ Add". Finally, click "Discovery Session".

The ad editor appears. Enter all the necessary information. As soon as your ad is ready to run, click the "Activate" button to make it active.

Once activated, this advertising will be automatically taken into account by our broadcast algorithms on the social network AZEOO.

Edit a discovery session

In the "Marketing" menu of your back office, click on "Ads", then on "Discovery session". Next, click the pencil icon at the top right of the ad you want to edit. The editor then appears and you can make all your changes.

Your ad can be modified even if it is already active, there are no constraints to this.

Delete a discovery session

From the back office, in the "Advertising" tab, select your ad to delete from the list, by clicking on the trash can icon.

You just want to make this ad inactive ? Simply open the editor of this ad, then click on the "Activate" button to make it inactive.

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